SAC 2016 4×4 Songwriting and Blogging Challenge

Ok…So I am a little disappointed that I had to work last minute with a client in my home this weekend. I had dedicated that time to writing, as the rest of the week was busy at work. I was able to get in about 3 (broken up) hours to work on this challenge….The recording is super rough…I wanted to change the Chorus to stand out, but I could maybe make this song into something, given more time…and CHORDS! 🙂

It was difficult to work with only two Chords, I found writing the verses ok, but the challenge came when trying to make the Chorus pop. So in order to meet the deadline, I’ll keep this short!

Here is the link to my song Go BIG or GO HOME! Please forgive the crappy recording and vocals…I hope to be better for next round!


You never know
if today will be your last
Life’s unpredictable
this could be your only chance

so, stand up tall, it’s your time
say the words on your mind ooh

Be brave, take a leap,
face your fears, just believe… in yourself

Go BIG or go HOME x3

You are part of it all, a star in the night sky
Are you willing to fall, just to catch their eye

Hold the knife by its edge,
living life, no regrets ooh

like a wave, in the sea
building strength gaining speed…crash on in

Go BIG or Go Home x3
If you’re gonna Go anywhere,
If you can’t remember when or where
when you’re standing at a cross road, there is only one way to go
Go BIG or Go Home x3