Week 1- Sac songwriting and blogging challenge 2015

It has been a busy week for me, I took a mini vacation and have returned rested and ready to work. I have been working on some song concepts and lyrics for Matt Dusk. One title I have come up with is called “circling the light” I am still trying to find the right melody and groove for his song. The pressure is on! I guess if it were easy to write a hit we would all be doing it!!! I have to admit I have not been posting to Facebook this week, so I have not found someone to collaborate with.. It seems like this is a requirement, correct? I better get on that.

I received an email last night with a preview of next weeks challenge, I got right to it, and came up with what I think could be a great hook and concept for a lyric. I have been playing with the story and melody today and just took a break to write this blog before I am too late to submit!!!

I am hoping I will have more time this week to concentrate on this challenge and look into a collaboration. It would be great to work with someone who is great with melodies and production, I can play basic guitar , but have connections to get a demo done if needed. I am shy and tend to write alone, but I have done a few co-writes one with Brian Brown, a Canadian jazz pianist and a few with Keith Glass of Prairie Oyster, so it can be done!!!

I hope to get to know everyone better over the next few weeks!


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