Week 6…WE DID IT!!!!!


I have done a couple of collaborations so far, one where I brought a bunch of close to finished songs, and had a couple revised and modified. One where I wrote lyrics and a melody to a pre-existing piano piece, and now one where I wrote the melody to already written lyrics I would have to say this one was the most difficult, probably because I write my lyrics to a melody as it is forming, so to start with a pre-existing lyric was a new experience for me. I still have yet to do my most feared collaboration, which is to write a song all while creating and bouncing ideas off the other person…well, I have done this with my mother, but that does not count.   It was a pleasure to work with Michael Hay, his lyrics were great and the concept was cool.  His daughter sang on this recording with me and added some dimension to the song!

I hope you enjoy!

This Time Will Be Different
by Megan Rathwell, Mikalyn and Michael Hay

Verse 1 (sung by Megan)
A quest for fame is a fool’s game
You will be burned alive by fire and flames
No way to survive that kind of exposure
Nitrous and toxic, a disease with no cure
Youth is why it, hasn’t broken your heart yet
But only the dose can make it poisonous
So my advice to you girl is to just avoid it

Chorus (together)
From trailer parks, school yards,
Hollywood boulevards
Jealous hordes seek the prize
Mt Everest beckons, so many will die
This time will be different so we have to try
This time will be different so we have to try

Verse 2 (sung by Mikalyn)
I want to be the gaga kind of famous
Not the hated kind- that’s outrageous
Fame is why I live, my Pantheon
What I’ve been fed and brought up on
Fifteen minutes won’t be near enough
Don’t bet against me or I’ll call your bluff
Were twisted in time and tethered together
Don’t you give in and succumb to the pressure

Chorus (together)

Verse 3 – (alternating)
I’ve got so much, and I’m blessed with that
• You need to want more, its true its fact
I’ve got ideas, dreams that shine bright
• Not enough girl, try as you might
I’ve got a voice that’s needs to be heard
• It needs to be louder and more self-assured
My hand me down world is quant, warm and pretty
• Those rags won’t cut it in the cruel cold city

Chorus (together)

Let’s stand up tall and don’t be afraid to look down
We kicked this summits ass and it’s a long way to the ground
We folded fame so many times, its unrecognizable now
Withstood the tempest and won its trials
The twisted tethers saved us somehow

…….This time it’s different