Week 1 Challenge- 6 songs in 6 weeks

Well, first off, I finished a song this week.  It most likely needs tweaking and some re-writing here and there, but I finished a complete song!  I must admit I have had a bit of writers block, so this feels good!

So I have my list of songs  that have inspired me with their titles, themes and/or first lines…

1. Closer to fine- The Indigo Girls (Saliers)

“I’m tryin’ to tell you something bout my life”

This song is about being confused and  the search for answers

2. California- Joni Mitchell

“Sitting in a park in Paris France reading the news and it sure looks bad”

A song about being homesick

3. Something- The Beatles (Harrison)

“Something in the way she moves attracts me like no other lover”

A song about love

Now for the 3 titles, themes and first lines I came up with


1.  Home

“linen on the clothes line the smell of fresh baked apple pie”

A song about childhood memories

2.  been gone so long

” The train whistle blows another small town comes and goes”

a song about travelling/coming back to a lover

3.  it’s too late

“Remember that summer we spent down in Rio?”

A song about lost love

So I took out the guitar and thought about all the first lines I came up with.  I decided to start with the train song… and I never even attempted the other two, maybe another time!

Here are the Lyrics to my new Song


Been Gone So Long


The train whistle blows


another small town comes and goes

G                                                 D

I ‘m writing you love poems on a frosty windowpane

Clickity clack on the track

I need to make my way back

to where you are, cause where you’re at is where I want to be

C           G

I’ve Been gone so long

D           Em

I almost forget

C            G           D     Em

the way you light your cigarette

C          G               D        Em

the way you look in the morning sun

C               D          G

cause I’ve been gone so long

Trying to be a star

a different night, a different bar

a microphone and my guitar a suitcase and a dream

lonely nights on the road

I miss your kiss I miss your hold

an empty heart ,a rolling stone slowly crumbling

I’ve Been gone so long

I almost forget

the way you light your cigarette

the way you look in the morning sun

cause I’ve been gone so long


When this train stops

D                  G

and I’m back in your embrace


when I can smell your skin

D                G

when I can touch your face

Em             G                 D              Em

When I wake up next to you in tomorrow’s sun

C                  D                    G

I’ll be back  where I belong

I’ve Been gone so long

I almost forget

the way you light your cigarette

the way you look in the morning sun

cause I’ve been gone so long

I’ve Been gone so long

I almost forget…

Am I ready for this Challenge???

Let me tell you a bit about myself….

I work full time as a life skills instructor teaching adults with developmental disabilities.  I am also the proud mother of twin (teenage) boys.  I decided a few years ago to start focusing on songwriting after a little nudge from my family.  I, over the years, have written many songs for my own pleasure, but I find writing songs for other people to be a bit of a challenge.  I have been to the Taxi road Rally the last 2 years and have learned a lot about the craft of songwriting.  I have had some good reviews of my songs ( N.S.A.I. had 2 songs recommended for”pitch to publisher” and have been on the “one’s to watch” list 3 times this past year) and some not so good reviews  (like the many rejections from Taxi reviewers)….Welcome to the world of songwriting!   I know that this journey is just beginning and I am still in the process of learning how to write a song that will sell.

I wanted to take this 6 week challenge in hopes that I can ignite the spark inside and hopefully come up with some good material at the end of it all.  I look forward to getting to know everyone.